a. roofless.

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  • Hypaethral — is an ancient temple with no roof. (From the Latin hypaethrus , from Ancient Greek hupaithros hupo under + aithr, sky, air.) It has instead a hypaethros or hypaethral opening. It was described by the Roman architect Vitruvius in his treatise On… …   Wikipedia

  • Hypaethral — Hy*p[ae] thral, Hypethral Hy*pe thral, a. [L. hypaethrus in the open air, uncovered, Gr. ?; ? under + ? ether, the clear sky.] (Arch.) Exposed to the air; wanting a roof; applied to a building or part of a building. Gwilt. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • hypaethral — [hi pē′thrəl, hīpē′thrəl] adj. [< L hypaethrus, uncovered, in the open air ( < Gr hypaithros < hypo , HYPO + aithēr, ether, clear sky: see ETHER + AL] open to the sky; roofless: said of classical buildings and courts …   English World dictionary

  • hypaethral — adjective Etymology: Latin hypaethrus exposed to the open air, from Greek hypaithros, from hypo + aithēr ether, air more at ether Date: 1794 1. having a roofless central space < hypaethral temple > 2. open to the sky …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • hypaethral — adjective /hʌɪˈpiːθɹəl/ Open air, outdoor, exposed to the sky. There was a dignity in their hypaethral presence kin to summer’s first morning of taurine light in the pepper trees of Uruguay …   Wiktionary

  • hypaethral — /hi pee threuhl, huy /, adj. hypethral. * * * …   Universalium

  • hypaethral — [hʌɪ pi:θr(ə)l, hɪ ] (also hypethral) adjective (of a classical building) having no roof. Origin C18: via L. from Gk hupaithros (from hupo under + aithēr air ) + al …   English new terms dictionary

  • hypaethral — hy·pae·thral …   English syllables

  • hypaethral — /haɪˈpiθrəl/ (say huy peethruhl) adjective open to the sky or having no roof, as a building (used especially of classical architecture). {Latin hypaethrus (from Greek hypaithros under the sky) + al1} …  

  • hypaethral — adj. (also hypethral) 1 open to the sky; roofless. 2 open air. Etymology: L hypaethrus f. Gk hupaithros (as HYPO , aither air) …   Useful english dictionary

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